Vintage Baseball Images

Vintage Baseball Images

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Wes Westrum0008

Whitey Ford0001

Whitey Ford0002

Whitey Ford0003
BASEBALL AT THE POLO GROUNDS<br>Whitey Lockman is out at first, Ted Kluszewski taking the throw from Blondie Ryan in the first inning.<br><br>ES/fm 6/24/1050
Lockman out at first versus Reds5001

Whitey Lockman0003

Whitey Lockman0005

Whitey Lockman0006

Whitey Lockman0007

Whitey Lockman0008

Wilbur Wood7201

Willie Mays and Don Newcombe0002

Willie Mays and Don Newcombe0001

Willie Mays and Willie Stargell6901

Willie Mays at Harlem YMCA 1-22-59

Willia Mays at Harlem YMCA 1-22-59

Willie Mays at Harlem YMCA 1-22-59
Willie Mays demonstrates his trademark &quotbasket catch" form at the Polo Grounds.
Willie Mays demonstrates his basket-catch form

Willie Mays Juan Marichal Dick Groat Stan Musial6001

Willie Mays01

Willie Mays02

Willie Mays0003

WIllie Mays0004

Willie Mays0005

Willie Mays0012

Willie Mays0013

Willie Mays0014

Willie Mays0019

Willie Mays0020

Willie Mays0021
Diamond Images.