Vintage Baseball Images

Vintage Baseball Images

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Satchel Paige04

Satchel Paige0005

Satchel Paige0006

Satchel Paige0007

Satchel Paige0008

Satchel Paige10

Satchel Paige51

Satchel Paige0055

Satchel Paige0057

Stan Musial Sid Offit Red Schoendienst0001

Stan Musial0001

Steve Carlton7001

Steve Carlton7601
Ted Williams with Mickey Pendine at Yankee Stadium
Ted Williams and Mickey Pendine

Ted Williams and Pinky Higgins
Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox star leftfielder, displays the snook he caught while fishing in Florida recently (1947).
Ted Williams Fishing4701

Ted Williams Fishing02
Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox star leftfielder, displays his catch, a tarpon on a flyrod during a fishing trip in Florida (1947).
Ted Williams Fishing4703

Ted Williams shows off fishing flies to his wife (1947)
Ted Williams01
Ted Williams01
Ted Williams02
Ted Williams02

Ted Williams7001

Thurman Munson 7101

Thurman Munson7102

Thurman Munson7103

Thurman Munson7104

Thurman Munson7301

Tim McCarver7401

Tom Henrich Joe DiMaggio and John Lindell0001.TIF

Tom Seaver and Photographer6901
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