Vintage Baseball Images

Vintage Baseball Images

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BASEBALL * WORLD SERIES - FIRST GAME  President Dwight D. Eisenhower riding through Brooklyn on his way to Ebbets Field from LaGuardia Airport, for the first game of the World Series.  10/3/56  42143A
Eisenhower in Brooklyn - 1956 World Series Game 1
WORLD SERIES - FIRST GAME  #72  President Eisenhower throwing out ball to Roy Campanella.  AB/fm  10/3/56  42143A<br>(l to r) Casey Stengel, Maj. John Eisenhower, President Eisenhower, Walter O'Malley, Ford Frick, Walter O'Malley.
President Eisenhower throws out the first pitch - Game 1

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Yankees skipper Ralph Houk finds the Directors chair to his liking during filming of the motion picture &quotSafe at Home".  The Columbia Pictures release, starring Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle, is being filmed at the Yankees' new Spring Training home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Ralph Houk fills in as director for Safe at Home
Yankees manager Ralph Houk reviews the script for the motion picture &quotSafe at Home" with Yankee stars Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle.  The motion picture, starring Maris and Mantle, is being filmed at the Yankees Spring Training complex in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Ralph Houk reviews the script with Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle

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