Vintage Baseball Images

Vintage Baseball Images

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Mickey Lolich7103
Mickey Lolich7103

Mickey Mantle-RK6501

Mickey Mantle adjusts the TV while at Lenoxville Hospital

Mickey Mantle and son on the set of Safe at Home

Mickey Mantle as Photographer1

Mickey Mantle as Photographer 2

Mickey Mantle has his pulse taken at Lenoxville Hospital 9-6-57

Mickey Mantle reads a western novel in the hospital 9-6-57

Mickey Mantle relaxes in the outfield
Mickey Mantle reviews the &quotdailies" during filming of the motion picture &quotSafe at Home".  Safe at Home is being filmed at the Yankees' new Spring Training home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Mickey Mantle reviews film with Little Leaguers
Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris warm up prior to beginning filming for the day on the feature film &quotSafe at Home".  FIlming is being conducted at the new Yankees Spring Training complex in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris during the filming of Safe at Home

Mickey Mantle0001

Mickey Mantle002b
Mickey Mantle slams a batting practice pitch prior to a World Series game at Yankee Stadium.  Elston Howard, Bill &quotMoose" Skowron and Dodger announcer Vin Scully watch the Yankee star centerfielder as he displays his prodigious power.
Mickey Mantle56001

Mickey Mantle6101
Mickey Mantle, Yankee switch-hitting centerfielder, swings at a pitch from the left side against the Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium.
Mickey Mantle6301

Mickey Mantle63002b

Mickey Mantle640001b

Mickey Mantle64002b
Mickey Mantle swings and fouls of a pitch against the Baltimore Orioles in Miami during Spring Training.
Mickey Mantle6401

Mickey Mantle6701

Mickey Mantle6708

Mickey Mantle6801

Mickey Mantle6802

Mickey Mantle 6809

Mike Schmidt7601
PHILLIES AT GIANTS<br>Monte Irvin of the Giants scoring the winning run in the tenth inning on Dark's hit to Ennis whose throw to Seminick was not in time.  Seminick was hurt on the play.  The umpire is Goetz.<br><br>ES/pm 9/27/1950 (5)
Irvin scores the winning run against Phillies5001

Mrs Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Mrs Lou Gehrig

Mrs Gehrig Joe DiMaggio Mrs Ruth6901.tif

Mrs Lou Gehrig and Mrs Babe Ruth
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