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The Olen Collection:

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The images in this collection represent the collected works of Hank and Bob Olen 

during over 70 years as sports photographers.


Bob Olen (74) and Hank Olen (r) pose together on the

bench during an Erasmus High School football game.


    Joe DiMaggio, Hank Olen and Tommy Henrich 

    during Spring Training in Florida, March 1947.




Hank Olen on United States Team 1 bobsled during

     the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY



        Hank Olen with Rocky Marciano, July 1956.




Bob Olen poses with his camera while serving

             in the Army during World War II.



                Bob Olen with Mickey Mantle in 1960.



         Yogi Berra, Bob Olen and Joe DiMaggio at 

                         Ft. Lauderdale in 1964.


Prior to his passing in January 2001, Bob was also an active member of the New York Press Photographers Association, Inc., including serving as the Chairperson of the Sports Dinner Committee. 


Hank and Bob captured some of the most enduring and celebrated sports images of the 20th century.  Please take some time to click on the link below and view images that are famous and familiar, as well as some that have never been viewed by or were available to the public.


The Olen Collection:


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